What "Easy" means

As a techy, i often judge my abilities to do various things as an indication of my value. There is a problem with that, though, because for tasks of apparently similar complexities, there are some that i find extremely easy, and others that i struggle with.

An important difference between these task can be the time i spent struggling with them in the past, as well as how similar they are to others tasks i achieved. It's easy to forget the price i paid to find them easy now. It was an investment of time and energy, if i was lucky, that investment was done willfully and by having fun, but not always.

But what it means is that just because i find a task easy, it doesn't mean it's easy for my co-workers or friends, even if i struggle with tasks which they do find easy, they aren't better or worse than me (well, maybe they are, but it's not that simple), they did different time investments, and so we can help each-other. And i should have as much understanding for their difficulties, that i hope they have of mine.

The idea behind this is that we all have a comfort zone, that we spent time digging, and it can be of different size, and of different depth. You can always dig at the same place, but chances are you'll be limited in your movements, or you can dig all other the place, but chances are you won't dig very deep, unless you spend all your time digging, but then you may grow tired of digging pretty fast. It's important to have an habit of digging though, so you increase your comfort zone regularly, and make a lot of things easier for you, because that's how you can really master things. Don't worry, you won't run out of places to dig.

So next time you find something hard, rejoice, you aren't bad, you are just digging in a new place, out of your comfort zone, and you'll conquer that space, if you want to.