flappy bird is a stupid game.

No, seriously.

Difficulty is flat, once you got past a pole, you know you can get past any pole, if you got past a dozen, you know you can theoretically go "all the way" (and there is no difference between theory and practice, in theory), so it's just a matter of being consistent, the challenge is just to avoid losing focus, or stressing (because you are getting near of your high-score), but each pole is just as easy as the first one in the game.

So getting past pole 1 is enough to "beat the game", of course, then you'll set other arbitrary limits, trying to push further and further, but it's just a matter of how lucky you are at avoiding accidents. I decided to put the limit at 50, and got to it today, so that's it for me, and i'll resume more interesting activities :P (it was already to high a limit, but i think it's enough to consider i didn't "beat the game" by accident).