Yeah, i like to be late at these things.

So i watched the sadly unique and incomplete Firefly season, in the past few weeks, finished yesterday. I had made the choice not to look too much into the culture around the show, and any information source about it, only choosing to watch it on the impact it seemed to have on a lot of persons in my demographics, that is: geeks.

And i have to say it was a really great experience, stopping very abruptly, sure, and all the fans have been, i'm sad it stopped in such an unfinished state, but at least i had the notion of this before even starting watching, the fact that it achieved such popularity despite such a harsh cutoff was part of what convinced to watch it in the first place (also, the fact that it wouldn't take so much time to catchup was definitely a seller). The show is grandiose, attention to details and psychology of the characters is incredible, and each episode introduce very interesting narrative and aesthetic choices. Dialogs are really well written, and action is very well balanced with humor and drama.
It's also self evident that a lot of plot elements have been opened and would have been explained a lot later in the show, that there was a lot of depth to explore in the long-story.

Anyway, i can only recommend it, be warned that you'll be frustrated, but i believe its still worth it, what there is is not enough, but it's too good to miss anyway.