back from FOSDEM

So i'm back from fosdem, and there has been an obvious pause on the daily blogpost thing, not only the days where quite full, but internet access was not, because i don't have tethering in belgium, and wifi works when it wants.

The hotel wifi locked access had some dns bug, by the way, redirection to
www.hotspot.local wasn't working, although dig gave its correct ip, editing /etc/host' was the easy solution, so i did that.

So, there was a lot of interesting conferences, and as usual, you just can't see them all, and there are people to see too, so i'll definitly watch some of
them later using online recordings.

In the Python track, which i gave quite some attention too on sunday, async solutions was probably the most popular theme, with talks about pypy and SMT, asyncio, offset (python port of go's goroutine), etc. I'll definitly have to
give some more time to this, trying to port kivy's eventloop to asyncio may be
a good (and potentially useful) exercise in this direction.

I managed to get a seat in the javascript track for the Cute presentation, as
i had a recent second look at AngularJS and it's self-evidently a very complex framework, having an understandable version, even if less performant, looks like a very good idea. I guess i'll have to learn some more on the JS
fundamental before though, as i understand its scope and object model much less than Python's.

Aside of that i managed to have some time with Mathieu Virbel to talk about exciting new features in PyOBJus and the best syntax for them, and to think about the kivy organisation, which still require some work.

Of course, i met a lot of other friends, and had very nice discussions, so it
was a good experience, although i had overlooked the basic consequences of
being abroad (that is, that my second brain is impaired by lack of permanent network access).