A no-mouse setup

As years passes, i find reasons and ways to touch the mouse less and less.

The reasons can vary from people to people, but the main ones for me are:

For the ways, one need to address all the needs with keyboard-friendly tools:

My main work tools are vim and git, not gvim and some git interface, the straight console version of both, and it's just great, most of the programs i use are command lineā€¦ Except the browser, but as i said, i use pentadactyl, and it's very rare to need a mouse at all with it. For the window management, i'm currently using wmii, but i'm looking for the next best thing, because it's not actively maintained (yes i did look at awesome and i3, and they don't suit me, tried to look at qtile tonight, but it doesn't seem to want to work).

In some situations though, what's needed is really a mouse, for most of these situations, i have a secret tool, that does a really great job: keynav, it took me quite some time to really learn it, and configure it properly for my need, but it's really starting to grow on me, and touching the mouse really becomes exceptional.

I wouldn't say it's always more efficient, sometime i wish i had took the mouse already, but most of the time, it's certainly more comfortable.