Kivy - Mouse cursor on Rapsberry Pi

It's no news that kivy have been ported to Rapsberry Pi, it happened nearly a year ago, and works quite well, especially if you start the app without an X server, since kivy draw directly to EGL (don't ask me :)), it doesn't need it.

However, there is a little issue about it if you don't have a touch screen, you can use your mouse, but you don't see any cursor, whever you are in X or not, because in X, kivy display is actually on top of the X cursor, and without X, nothing even try to draw a mouse cursor.

A few months ago, i wrote a quick hack, adding a few graphic instructions to the egl window provider, and made the probsys driver used on rpi directly update the position of this instruction. It worked, but it wasn't really a general solution.

So after procrastinating a proper solution for a long time, i finally got my act together and added the cursor display as an option to the touchring module of kivy, along with options of what image to use, offsets and so on, and added the code that made the mouse driver dispatch pos to window's mouse_pos property.

So here it is, you can find it here until the PR is merged.